FRITZ LANGE GmbH - Tradition and Performance

Fritz Lange GmbH is a medium/sized company with
a staff of 120 providing quality, experience and competence.
We are proud - 50 years Fritz Lange GmbH!

Fritz Lange GmbH was founded in 1955 as a sole trading company and is now one of the leading manufacturers of:

    Number Plates
    Number plate templates, production facilities, HP technology
    Pressing facilities, self-glowing number plates


    Road Signs
    Road signs, display facilities, special signs, planning and
    concept design of sign systems and assembly

Numerous years of experience, and our committed, high-performance and qualified staff secure
our high-quality standards and result in innovative new developments.

International joint ventures and a continuously expanding export market
also secure the company’s future.

Your questions, your requirements - LANGE will find the solution.
Our motto “Preserve and enhance what we have, grow organically and secure
long-term work places”

Your Fritz Lange GmbH, Südfeldstr. 3, 31832 Springe
The Director: Folker Lange

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Here is an example of the solar power facility on one of our roofs
Here is an example of the solar power facility on one of our roofs:

Photovoltaic, Solar Power FL Lange History

In November 2003 we started the operation of several solar power installations with a total capacity of 87.36 kWp on the roofs of the company premises.
At present it is the largest solar power installation in the Avacon (now eon-Avacon) supply area in Lower Saxony, Germany.

During the production of solar energy the carbon footprint saved from the environment is approx. 1,700 tons of CO 2 within a period of 20 years. After the expiry of the supply agreement we have the opportunity to use the produced solar energy ourselves and will experience a significant reduction of energy costs in the business environment of Germany .

The solar cell produces electric direct current during daylight. This effect is silent and odourless and does not consume any primary energy, but supplies eco-friendly power.

546 solar energy modules (160x80 cm) with a nominal performance of 160 Watt each at peak have been installed on four south-facing roof areas with a total area of approx. 750 qm.

The total performance is 87.36 kWp per year. This protects the environment of approx. 85-90 tons of Co 2 per year.

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Development and History

Company founder Fritz Lange is born in Springe

Opening of a pressing workshop for number plates in Düsseldorf

The pressing workshop is being destroyed during WW II

Move to Wevelinghoven and opening of a production site for metal processing.

Founding of "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verkehrszeichen" ( Join Venture Road Signs). which later became "Industrieverband Verkehrszeichen e.V." “ Industry Association Road Signs” in Hagen .

Move of production to Springe/Völksen and takeover of brother’s “Wood and Metal Goods Factory”. This new start-up of the Fritz Lange Metallwarenfabrik lays the foundations for the present manufacturing and delivery range.

Supplier of signs for Olympic Games in Munich .

Death of company founder, management is taken over by wife Gisela Lange.

Sole trading company Fritz Lange Metallwarenfabrik becomes Fritz Lange GmbH (Ltd.)

Folker Lange, son of the company founder, joins the company.

Introduction of the quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Mr. Folker Lange becomes deputy director

50 th anniversary Fritz Lange GmbH

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